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Avoid using the following Black Hat SEO strategies

As specialists in SEO positioning , we know that this practice requires the deep knowledge of experts, as well as their time, efforts and strategies, so it is hardly obvious that it is an expensive and complex job. However, anyone who has enjoyed the benefits of excellent search engine rankings knows that Search Engine Optimization is not an element that can be easily ignored in any digital marketing strategy.

Avoid using the following Black Hat SEO strategies

Now, taking into account the immense difficulty that hides behind a good SEO positioning , it is normal that we find alternative methods that work as "shortcuts" which, in the short term, can show good results. However, tempting as it may be, the effectiveness of these practices tends to decrease over time, affecting the results of the strategy and, worse, the name of the brand that uses them.

Such shortcuts are known as Black Hat SEO , or SEO Black Hat , and consist of practical tricks designed to mislead search robots or to the user, so that it generates more clicks, visits or conversions dishonestly. Of course, in addition to the moral weight that this represents, after a short period of time search engines are able to detect such practices and penalize the websites that make use of them, which ends up ruining the brand positioning and all its chances of accessing new business opportunities via browsers .

Even more serious is that the practices that are hidden under that great Hat are not at all subtle, which means that Internet users are fully capable of discovering the use of invasive or false elements. So even though these hatches may initially entice the user to click and enter a site X, after a while they will be aware that all brand-related content that has lied to them does not deserve their attention.

For all the above, below, we will present some of the most common Black Hat SEO practices , so that you can detect and avoid them at all costs to guarantee the best performance of your website in search engines:

Pay for links to drive traffic

The vast majority of sites that charge to link are not well viewed by users and search engines, which can lead to being linked to suspicious links, and when a website has too many suspicious links, search engines reduce their relevance.

The recommended ways to have legitimate links that offer value and guarantee better positioning are:

  • Third-party blog posts that have quality, value, and excellent positioning.
  • Interactions with the audience on blogs and forums, for example.
  • Constant activity in social networks.

Use filler keywords

Many believe (wrongly) that placing too many keywords on a website will make it easier for search engines to detect and rank the website. However, although it is easy to find, a page that has this bad practice will be punished by search engines, which will considerably reduce its SEO positioning .

Being such a common error, currently we can find different tools that allow us to make an adequate use of the number of keywords on the site, so that you will not be penalized by robots.

Use hidden links

In favor of having several links to relevant sites, many tend to hide URLs from the user's view, which can generate two major problems:

  • Once the user detects the hidden links, they will feel scammed and will not enter the website again.
  • Link hiding is illegal under Webmasters standards, which means that if a search engine detects this practice, the consequences will not be pleasant.

Now that you know, try not to fall into the deplorable game of Black Hat SEO , avoid being penalized by search engines and, more importantly, do not spoil your reputation in front of your audience. 


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