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SEO Guide for Tech Companies: How to Drive Organic Traffic for Your Business

Having a privileged position in search engines like Google and Bing is very important for software companies and, in general, high technology.

That is why today we want to present you the best SEO strategies for companies in your segment.

But first, we will explain specifically why search engine optimization is so important for businesses in the tech segment.

Don't back away!

What makes SEO so special for tech companies in 2020?

SEO Guide for Tech Companies: How to Drive Organic Traffic for Your Business

SEO is a helping hand for technology companies in the midst of the competitiveness and innovation that governs current markets, impacted by the expansion of digital transformation .

Specifically, these benefits will be obtained by your company by applying actions and strategies that optimize search engine positioning. 

Increase in brand credibility

As you well know, credibility is everything in the technology segment . Companies and people only take into account systems and solutions that are backed by teams of true specialists, with a good valuation in the market.

Logically, if your company and its publications are a constant in the SERPs of the major search engines, they will project a very good image to potential customers, potential business allies and collaborators.

Access to new market niches

The tech segment seems like it could become saturated at any time, as a result of the constant emergence of startups and software businesses, web development and related areas.

That is why it is convenient for you to take advantage of SEO to broaden your spectrum and be visible to new niches, generating new business opportunities and promoting the expansion of the client portfolio. 

Technical improvements in portals and blogs

This is key for a technology company that wants to be consistent and credible.

By entering the blog or website of a company of this type, the user expects to enjoy an optimal and cutting-edge experience, since administrators are assumed to be experts in computer science, programming and related areas.

Luckily, the technical improvements that will promote this much-needed consistency will be achieved thanks to SEO.

In addition to these benefits, optimization on Google, Bing and other engines will provide your company with constant promotion, engagement with your target audience and greater brand recognition , among many other things. 

8 foolproof SEO strategies for tech companies

SEO for technology companies is often a simpler and more sustainable task than managers and supervisors think.

This is because within their own ranks they have professionals capable of promoting initiatives and actions that directly or indirectly optimize the positioning in the large Internet search engines and generate authority within the web universe.

It simply takes good ideas and the integration of efforts, knowledge and visions of collaborators from different areas.

Of course, the ideal is that, in addition to this, true experts in SEO, Content Marketing for technology companies and related topics are in charge of supervising these actions and constantly measuring their scope.

But, for sure, what are those SEO strategies that every organization in the tech segment needs to take into account? You are very close to meeting them!

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1. Create a tool that generates backlinks and authority

If your company has expert developers, you will have no problem practicing this strategy!

Simply, get involved with them in the creation of an open source tool that is really useful for other people and organizations in the segment.

That way you will get a lot of natural backlinks , which translates into increased traffic on the website.

And it is that the mentions and links that you have in other portals tell search engines that your content and publications are really relevant for users and the sector in which you operate, so you will have greater chances of positioning yourself in the first places of their results lists.

In addition, by offering an easy-to-use and highly useful tool for free, your company will position itself as a true authority on a given topic and will be perceived as a leader and reference in the segment.

2. Diversify your content

In addition to offering free tools of interest to your market segment, include interactive content, videos, infographics and other formats that give it richness and diversity among your publications .

Combine all these formats with the already traditional articles and electronic books, so that you achieve the necessary diversification to offer a good experience to your users , in the first place, and to improve your positioning in search mechanisms.

Google, mainly, takes into account the ease of assimilation of the user and their experience in general to give a good positioning to websites .

On the other hand, when we talk about diversification we must also bear in mind the issues addressed.

It is important that you cover all the edges of your segment, that is, it produces content of interest about the vast majority of concepts, trends and aspects that interact in one way or another with what you do and know.

This can also increase your organic backlinks and help you broaden the reach of your content dissemination strategy. 

3. Make interactive content a strategic element

It is important that you value interactive content as much more than an element to diversify your strategy.

Actually, the production and use of this type of format is a strategy in itself , which favors SEO substantially, mainly by stimulating brand mentions, backlinks and the time spent on the page, which usually increases .

Among other things, through interactive content you can collect data of interest about the user's profile , which will help you produce much more relevant materials, with a greater probability of achieving optimal positioning.

In addition to this, these content formats are characterized by having a high potential for viralization , brand mention and engagement, another factor that will drive large search mechanisms to give your web portal and its publications a privileged place.

Among the interactive content that you can produce, with the help of your company's specialists, are:

  • 360º videos 
  • questionnaires and surveys
  • interactive maps
  • calculators
  • assessment tools

It is important that, regardless of the interactive content format, the material is broad and deep, with different functionalities and a path to explore .

Only in this way will it provide good performance for a significant period of time, since the user can reuse or explore it on more than one occasion. 

4. Explore Topic Clusters

For many specialists, Topic Clusters are part of the new era of search engine optimization, as it is an intelligent way to produce and disseminate content that aims at organic positioning.

Specifically, they are groups of content that revolve around a main topic in an interconnected way.

Generally, the center of this strategy of a rich material, which contains links and keywords of other related content .

This content is known as Post Pilar , which is complemented by Clusters (contents that revolve around it) and internal links.

It is necessary that within the Topic Clusters you include topics, words and concepts of interest to your company and its market segment.

In addition, it is important to know the intention of the user and try to have a consistent common thread in each material, which generates concerns and, then, links that people can access to solve them and obtain the information they need.

Do not forget to integrate interactive content into the Topic Clusters and even mentions of the Open Source tools that you developed together with your company's experts.

All of this will enrich the user experience and promote optimal search engine positioning.

5. Apply technical SEO actions

As we have already mentioned, SEO strategies for technology companies must be strengthened through internal knowledge .

For that reason, if your company has a solid web development team and domain structure, the benefits of technical SEO are within your reach!

This sub-branch of search engine positioning encompasses all those technical and specialized actions that make it possible to improve and alter blogs and websites, in order to promote correct crawling and indexing of content by search engine algorithms .

Among the technical SEO actions that allow a website as a whole to be better valued by search engines is the optimization of its loading and browsing speed.

And it is that a slow and technically deficient site has no chance of achieving a good positioning , even if the content they offer is relevant and responds to user concerns.

Another valuable practice for positioning in the SERPs and the user experience is responsive or adaptive design .

That the functionalities and the image of your website are adapted for both computers and mobile devices is something that users and, also, the large search engines will value very well. 

6. Practice local SEO

The local SEO can become a source of profitability if applied efficiently.

This practice seeks to optimize a website and its publications within a specific geographic space .

It is called local because, for the most part, companies and people use them to reach the first places in the lists of results derived from searches by users of their same towns and cities, who at the end of the day are their most potential customers .

To achieve this valuable local optimization, you need, among other things, to share consistent NDT data, that is, name, address and telephone number.

Thus, when a person in your area performs a search associated with your services or products, search engines such as Google and Bing could place you in the first places.

Another local SEO action is to encourage positive local reviews and ratings on certain websites, as well as to sign up for the Google My Business service .

Local Content Marketing is another element that can strengthen this strategy and increase its reach.

For example, if your company has the market of a single city or province as an audience, then it will be convenient that the contents produced are oriented to the cultural and economic reality of this place.

7. Give priority to long-tail keywords

This is an SEO strategy for tech companies and brands from any other market segment.

The long tail keywords are beneficial both for positioning and for commercial purposes.

This is because they have a greater potential for qualifying users and, therefore, closer to the purchase decision .

In addition, they tend to lead to less competition to reach the top of the search results list.

These keywords are made up of strings of several words in sequence and with meaning, which respond to specific searches.

The antithesis of these words is the short tail , which is made up of just one or two terms.

For example, a short tails would be “ ERP system ”, while a long tail could be “advantages of an ERP system for a marketer”.

Also, many specialists make a group known as middle tail special , which is not as general as the short tail, but not as specific as the long tail.

If we follow the same example, a middle tail would be "advantages of an ERP system". This medium composition of frequent terms can also help you achieve a privileged position.

By this we do not mean that short keywords should be discarded as complex. However, you should be aware that they demand much more competition and do not qualify readers or visitors.

8. Get reviews on software evaluation websites

The algorithms of Google and the other major search engines are concerned with guaranteeing results that really respond to users' concerns and that, in general, are favorable to them.

That is why the valuation and reliability of sites and companies in general is another aspect that engines take into account in their SERPs .

Given this reality, it is important that you focus on promoting reviews and analysis of your services and products on evaluation websites that are relevant in the tech segment.

These portals include CrunchBase , which are dedicated to software analysis and evaluations .


Regardless of whether you work in a SaaS company , a solution developer or any other technology business, these actions can provide you with the positioning you need to expand your brand and generate new business opportunities.

Among the conclusions to which we have spoken, one of the most important is the need to take advantage of internal knowledge to guarantee the quality of many of the actions that we have recommended.

On the other hand, for the content, formats and messages to be effective, be concerned about knowing very well the characteristics of your potential client and the way they interact on the Internet and search engines.

Among other things, it values ​​that the user of the tech segment is usually very clear about what they need and takes into account the depth and accuracy of the information and data to determine which commercial alternative is more convenient.

The technical and specialized knowledge of your human talent must be complemented with solid research on the market and the public, which can be led by professionals in Digital Marketing and related areas.


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